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Are You Suffering from Arthritis?

Arthritis in your hands can be painful and debilitating. People with hand arthritis have 75 percent less strength in their hands than people who don’t have the condition. Simple tasks like opening a door or unscrewing a jar can be daunting or even impossible. A hand massage has been shown to help. A 2011 study found that participants had less pain and greater grip strength after a weekly professional hand message and daily self-message at home.

Bkyoai Hand Massager

The Bkyoai Hand massager provides a comfortable hand massage that relieves hand and arm pain, by applying pressure to multiple pressure points on the fingers, hand, palm and wrist. The hand massager is easy to use and can be used at home or on the go.

How a hand massager works?

Promote local blood flow through vibration, compression, and kneading.

First, it causes local blood vessels to dilate and increases the circulation of blood and lymphatic fluid to improve the nutritional status of local tissues and promote metabolism and absorption of stagnant body fluids or pathological exudates. Second, to induce blood flow from deep tissues to the body surface, or to make part of the blood stagnant in the local area, or to make deep tissues congested, in order to reduce the congestion in the body or other parts of the body, and to promote the dissipation of pathological products. Third, to regulate muscle function, enhance muscle elasticity, tone and durability, relieve pathological tension and promote the discharge of toxic metabolites. Fourthly, it affects the nerve function, making it excited or sedated, invigorating the spirit or relieving fatigue, thus achieving the purpose of treatment. Our products are able to release the body parts being massaged in such a way as above to achieve healing and empowering effects.

Mode Combination

Hand massager has various massage modes, a person can choose the right combination of modes

The massager offers up to 4 modes to specifically stimulate different hand areas as needed. These hand areas include: fingers, knuckles, back of the hand, palm, wrist, small arm and more. The hand massager responds to these areas in different ways, such as compression and stretching. The hand massager also has 3 levels of intensity, for different age groups, different levels of acceptance, and the level of pressure they can tolerate is also different. When the user can harmoniously adjust the four modes and three intensity, which can make this product to adapt to a wider and broader range of people. Of course, also according to the user's gender to adjust the working effect of the hand massager.


Hand massager has a heating function. Some patients with hand diseases are not able to provide heat for the hands well, the specific performance of this condition is the cold hands, bone bending and straightening process will give patients a sense of pain. For different people or weather, including the cold environment in winter, hand function decline of the elderly, cold hands and feet, often do housework people, often need to carry out water or ice operations people, heavy work people, etc.

Hand massager in the user to massage, improve the local heat will be directly on the hand, adjust the sensory from cold to hot feeling, promote blood circulation and diffusion, capillary expansion, meridians to get catalytic and maintenance. The right temperature also serves the function of dissolving body fluids between bones and coordinating the collaboration between bones.


The unit contains a lithium-ion battery and comes with a USB cable in the package, so you can charge it at any USB port just like a computer, capable of accepting 110-240V. 2500mAh high-capacity battery allows you to massage more times. Cordless design allows you to get rid of cumbersome cords and enjoy your massage anytime, anywhere. Don't worry about disturbing your family's rest, because it's really quiet when you work. Time setting also allows you to freely decide the time of massage.