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Our Story

a journey started from the love to my brother

BKYOAI is an international e-commerce company that sells massage guns with a manufacturer factory based in China.

BKYOAI was founded in 2009. At that time, my old brother and I were both keen climbers and we would meet up for adventure trips on weekends and holidays when we could. However, inadvertently we would have accidents with muscle strains, especially my brother. My brother is also an office worker and when it comes to workdays, the injury becomes more pronounced. So, I decided to design and make a massage gun for him and have been working on it ever since. Eventually I created the BKYOAI brand to help people like him.

Our products are aimed at office workers, mountain climbers and the elderly. They have been tested over 500,000 times in real life and have proven to be excellent massage tools. With them, users can massage different parts of their bodies and restore their functions in the most efficient way.

We will keen on making the best effort to produce the best products and provide the best service. Our mission is to reduce customer's pain by using our various kinds of products!